Toddler Program

In the first two years of life, a child experiences phenomenal growth and development.  All of their senses are brought into full play; they continually test and question. It’s important in these formative years to give them the stimulation and opportunities they need.

The Toddler Program is for children aged 12 months to 36 months.

A New Adventure for Your Toddler

At Churchill Carling Daycare, we know each day marks the beginning of a new adventure for your toddler. Through our Toddler Program, your child will take part in numerous activities that foster growth and development. During the course of our day, your child will have many opportunities to play and learn, both indoors and outdoors. We provide the guidance, encouragement and a nurturing, safe environment.

Our program includes several elements:

  • Tender, loving care!
  • Time for children to be ‘observers’ before they become ‘participants’
  • Encouragement when performing positively
  • Freedom to repeat activities
  • Successful independence, including toilet training and dressing

Toddler Program at Each of Our Locations

We offer the Toddler Program at both our Churchill Ave. (Location 1) and Roosevelt Ave. (Location 2) locations. Space permitting, you can enroll your little one for the program at either of these locations.

Each differs slightly from other in terms of location, capacity, staff and programming:

Location 1 (Churchill Ave.)

  • Maximum of 15 children
  • Three caregivers
  • Unique programming schedule

Toddler Schedule, Location 1

Location 2 (Roosevelt Ave.)

  • Maximum of 10 children
  • Two caregivers
  • Unique programming schedule

Toddler Schedule, Location 2

Our Toddler Team

The Toddler Team is an enthusiastic group of teachers eager to meet you and your little one.  All three are patient, understanding, loving and creative.  They’re excited for your child to come and join the group, play, experience and learn with them in the Toddler Room!

Further Information for Parents

Please read our Parent Handbook for more information about our daycare and our policies.